These are easily the most expensive headphones we’ve ever seen. What could possibly warrant spending that kind of cheddar on a pair of in-ear headphones? Do they come with a lapdance and use of a Ferrari for a week? They do not. But, it turns out, they come with a whole lot of other features that might just make them worth it for the type of guy that’s got that kind of money to literally stick in his ears.

First of all, if you buy these, they’ll be one-of-a-kind gadgets. That is, unless you’ve got a twin brother running around who’s physically-identical ears demand the same shockingly advanced audio technology, they will be.  That’s because JH Audio customizes every single pair to fit their clientelles’ discerning concaves. 

These luxury earpieces also feature noise isolation (but not active cancelation) of -26dB, and have 16 total drivers – 8 per ear. For comparison, the average loudspeaker that you have in your living room have around 4. Dvice repots that they “also have "precision-balanced armatures" and a "triple bore" design, meaning each set of frequencies gets to your eardrum via a different canal.” 

If you’re ready to make the purchase, check out JH Audio’s site and place your order here