The richest man in India – the fourth richest in the world as defined by Forbes – is named Mukesh Ambani, and he just bought a $1 billion home. Dr. Evil style

The home’s estimated worth is around $1 billion, but there’s no way to calculate it exactly. The building is named Antila – the name of a mythical island – and has 27 stories making it 173 meters high. What’s inside all that space? For starters, there’s: a healthy club with a dance studio, a 50-seat theater, a 160 car garage, a ballroom, guest rooms, a host of lounges, and a staff of 600 employees. Not bad. 

The most unusual part about the building, though, is that Ambani is known as a relatively conservative billionaire (is that a thing?). Time repots: 

It has come as a surprise to some that Ambani, known as one of the more quite and down to earth of the world’s billionaires, would flash his immense wealth in such a public way, especially after India’s prime minister, Manmohan Singh, has called on business leaders to “eschew consumption” and “be role models of moderation.” – It’s very cool, but moderate this home is not.