Hollywood is known for name changers. The Screen Actors Guild does not allow two actors to have identical working names so if you share a name with another actor then you have no choice. Then there are the times that names are changed by choice. Sometimes they are looking for a cool, noticeable name. Other times their original name is too close to someone already famous. Then there are those with such unpronounceable or awful names that they did us all a favor and came up with new name.

Jennifer Anastassakis: Now known as Jennifer Aniston. She took her greek name and nose and discarded them on the way to superstardom. It was just too hard to avoid Jennifer ” A nasty ass kiss”

Patricia Mae Andrzejewski: dba Pat Benatar. If you put that name on the album you just don’t get the same sexy rock and roll feeling as Pat had in the 80’s. By the time you spit out that last name she was already into the “Before I put another notch in my lipstick case” part of “Hit me with you best shot” . Any time you put “jewski” on the end of anything you tend to get stereotyped.

Albert Lawrence Einstein: If there any name that you could never step out of the shadow of the first name holder, this was one of them, so Al decided to go with Al Brooks instead. He wasn’t as smart as the original but a hell of lot funnier.

Tara Leigh Patrick: When Carmen Electra changed her name, or when Prince changed it, I doubt she could have known it would be the same name of one of the biggest porn actresses out there. Or so I’m told. Then again who knows if Tera Patrick is her real name either. It probably is because all porn stars names’ are their birth names, right?

Christina and Ashley Ciminila. Because Ciminila sounds like something you can get when you don’t cook the chicken all the way through, these young girls changed their names to Judd. Christina also changed her first name to Wynonna and then proceeded to hand over all the beauty to Ashley.

Ralph Lifschitz: You can hear it on the streets. “I’m headed over the the Lifschitz Outlet store to get a new cardigan” Ralph Loren does have a much better sound to it and most likely would be an easier sell to the fashion crowd. The problem Ralph faces is people still pronounce his new name wrong half the time. It like “Lauren” not like Sophia (Lor-ren) . Of course her real name was Sofia Scicolone anyway.

Barry Alan Pinkus: I have to admit his first name actually fit quite well but then again we couldn’t call Mr. Manilow, Barely Manenough. He probably figured we would never know his sexual orientation if he changed his name. It worked because I have to admit when he was playing the gay bath houses I thought to myself, “Why is this super macho man playing in this place?

Frederick Karl Pruetzel: Fred Pretzel? Good thing for him and his son he changed his name to Freddie Prince. It would have been fun watching “Pretzel and the Man”. Senior could have overcome the name through his comedy but Jr. would have languished as “little Pretzel”.

Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz: “The Daily Show with Jonathan Leibowitz” just doesn’t have the 18-40 year old draw that the new name does. It’s not like John Stewart can hide his Jewish background but a name like Leibowitz defines a man. Tricky how he changed a first name to a last name with a simple change of spelling. Only a man of his intelligence could pull this off something like this. Ironically it was called “The Daley Show with Jonathan Leibowitz”

Mookie Blaylock: No not the basketball, player the band. Although not technically speaking a celebrity, I can’t imagine Pearl Jam being called Mookie Blaylock. This was their original name but trademark issues changed it over to the second most popular Jelly behind KY.