We don’t really watch Dancing With the Stars, but missing the news about Nancy Grace flashing a nipple to a terrified world was impossible. The Wicked Witch of HLN claims it was actually a nipple cover. Whatever. After washing our eyes with soap and water (twice!), we decided to concentrate on the attractive women most in danger of going down the same road. Here are ten ladies that have us crossing our fingers for a wardrobe malfunction.

Marisa Miller 

We swear, SI’s been photoshopping them out of Marisa’s scandalous swimsuit pics for years.

Lea Michele

This Glee star is often accused of being too sexy for her shirt. We’re waiting for her shirt to get too sexy for her.


There’s a farmer in Northern Ireland who’s going to be pissed if Rihanna reveals herself.

Jessica Simpson

There’s something extra sexy about a good ol’ country girl slipping up.


Motherhood, and the attendant effect on a woman’s assets, might be the tipping point for Beyoncé.
Kim Kardashian

It won’t be a huge deal if KK pops out, because it’s nothing we haven’t seen in the sex tape. We’re just saying there’s a good chance of it happening.

Jodie Marsh

It’s only a matter of time before this aging UK pinup finally exposes herself unintentionally.
Salma Hayek

Easily the classiest lady on this list, Salma’s a pipe dream. Her stylist probably knows all about topstick.

Elizabeth Hurley

Aging gracefully, the lovely Liz has managed to rise above it all. Or below it all. So to speak.

Nicole Scherzinger

Now that she’s on The X-Factor every week, anything can happen.