When your livelihood depends on your looks, it’s important to have a backup plan in the event of such unpredictable cataclysms as getting fat, developing saggy breasts or losing one or more of your teeth. No wonder celebrities like Holly Madison take out expensive insurance policies on their best physical assets. Here are a few well-known babes who have insured their body parts.

Holly Madison’s breasts — $1 million

Hey, gotta protect your investments.

Rihanna’s legs — $1 million

Just in case she accidently struts too hard one day.

Marlene Dietrich’s voice — $1 million

Step 1: Insure voice.
Step 2: Smoke constantly.
Step 3: ?
Step 4: Profit.

Heidi Klum’s legs — $2.2 million

Because modeling careers don’t last forever.

Bette Davis’ waist — $28,000

She literally took out an insurance policy against getting fat. Brilliant.

Dolly Parton’s breasts — $600,000

Because when your chest is the size of a small Caribbean island, you have to take some legal precautions.

Jennifer Lopez’s butt — $27 million

Well, duh. At the height of her career that thing could have qualified as the eighth wonder of the world.

Tina Turner’s legs — $3.2 million

Just look at that stance. Who knows what kind of injuries could result from busting that sort of move.

America Ferrera’s smile — $10 million

Making your looks worth several million dollars is as good way a way as any to separate yourself from a character named “Ugly Betty.”

Jamie Lee Curtis’ legs — $2 million

She’s better known for laxative yogurt these days, but back in the eighties Jamie Lee Curtis had some of the best gams in the business.