Business cards are rarely cool. But having a clever one seems to be all the rage nowadays—and can definitely increase your business cool factor. Remember that scene from American Psycho where the business dudes are discussing the meticulous subtleties of the same black and white motif? Or the many spoofs of that scene? Well, these cards take all that to a whole new level:


This guy was inspired by the episode of the Simpsons where Moe produces a similar card. This one must be a big hit with the ladies. I hope he really has that killer ’stache.


I guess you could call this one a … business cord! But seriously, when receiving these, do you think anyone wonders if they’re live wires?


I admire the pointillism-esque montage in this one. Although I’ve never met these people, I would assume those are distorted photos of themselves adorning their business cards. If you’re really an unattractive person, you might want to hire a model for this.


This guy went with peanuts. I guess he’s hoping no one will ever want to eat these for fear of losing his priceless information. And it’s probably safe to say he won’t be negotiating any contracts with executives suffering from extreme nut allergies.


This one takes the cake for most clever (and cost-friendly?). Apparently, the owners of this ‘second-hand shop’ business just took a bunch of other people’s business cards, crossed out the old info, then wrote their own details on the back.


This guy is a ‘security consultant’ and his card is a cute little set of lock-picking tools. I tip my hat to you, Kevin Mitnick. Stay away from my neighborhood with these.


The personal trainer with the elastic band business card? Very cool, but this would really only be of practical use for those who take thumb wars too seriously.


Split this divorce lawyer’s card in half and share it with your estranged spouse. Now, both you and that money-grubbing wench can get on with your lives.


This couples’ therapist’s card seemingly signifies ripping one’s heart out. Cool, and perhaps a bit melodramatic?


Worried your current boss will find you with a business card for a headhunter? This guy is one step ahead of you. Follow his instructions to jot down the relevant info from his card, and then dispose of the evidence by eating it. I wonder what it tastes like. Success?

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More cool business cards: via Oddee and ReEncoded