Stock exchanges worldwide try to show off a little bit of their culture along with their ability to handle massive amounts of money. But not all these buildings look cool. To be honest, a lot of them look like boring warehouses full of tools.

And so we present to you a look at the 10 Coolest Stock Exchange Buildings around the globe…

10. The Bombay Stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange in Asia. It also has more listed companies than any other stock exchange in the world with 4,800. The building is three tiers of madness ranging from small parking garage-style structure, to rotund dome shaped building, and then ending with a menacing and towering concave skyscraper.

9. The Lima Stock Exchange in Peru, also known as the Bolsa de Valores de Lima, is an interesting building. It’s shape is a strange combination of ornate and block pattern design. Also of interest is the stoplight out front which appears to be halting traffic from driving through the front door. Hopefully it stays red for a while.

8. The Budapest Stock Exchange located in the capital of Hungary ranks #8 on our list for simply having the most ancient naked lady statues on its outer facade. Excellent trading strategy, gentlemen.

7. The Brussels Stock Exchange in Belgium was merged with the Paris, Lisbon, and Amsterdam exhanges in 2000. They work collectively as the ‘Euronext Exchanges’ for equities and derivatives. In spite of this, the Brussels building has a strange history all itself. As part of the beautification of downtown Brussels in the 1860s, the building was relocated to ‘the butter market’. Which sounds pretty convenient, but I hope they used extra foundation (ba dum ching)!

6. The SWX Swiss Exchange, located in Zurich, has everything you would expect from the Swiss, the leaders of global banking. This structure is all business. It simply says “Börse” on the building, which is German for ‘exchange’. Just try to find one ‘frill’ on this thing. But you know there must be floors of secret vaults and chambers located below filled with stolen WWII treasures.

5. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany is a pretty cool building on its own with its elegant gothic palace design. But the real reason it makes #5 on this list is because of this awesome Bears vs. Bulls fight scene statue located in front of the building. Business districts worldwide have these bull and bear statues, but you can actually smell the metaphorical ‘blood in their air’ with this one.

4. The NASDAQ or the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System, you’ve gotta love this one. With its studio and big sign located in the heart of Times Square, New York this place shows off one of the world’s largest screen based trading markets. Plus that gigantic cylinder-shaped LCD screen outside will catch anyone’s attention, even in epilepsy-inducing Times Square.

3. The Mexican Stock Exchange, located in a beautiful area of Mexico City, looks like a giant glass covered Nintendo Wii. And as if that weren’t enough evidence to claim the #3 spot, they went and planted one huge palm tree between the two buildings. Perfect spot for a 3 o’clock siesta.

2. The New York Stock Exchange is the epitome of cool buildings. Many may be disappointed it didn’t claim the top spot but it definitely was very close. The NYSE scored very highly in the ‘largest flag’ category and for single-handedly creating the notion of Wall Street, but stil,l the top spot went to…

1. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange. This building is one of three stock exchanges in the People’s Republic of China, but look at this thing! I’m pretty sure it’s a Transformer in disguise. ShenzhenBuildingTron is just lying in wait for Godzilla to mosey on over from Japan, and then he’ll spring into action with his flaming derivatives-analysis sword!

Are there any other cool exchange buildings we might have forgot? Let us know in the comments section.

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