When your social sports team strides onto the field of battle, you want to be accompanied by music that pumps up your teammates, intimidates your opponents and/or amuses the hell out of anyone watching. These sports-friendly anthems all do at least one of the above, and sound great too. Click below to listen to the full set on Made Man’s Spotify.

1. “We are the Champions” by Queen    
Obligatory. This has played in sports stadiums around the world for a generation for a reason: It rocks and it sends the right message. If you’re not the champions already, you’ll have the championship mindset once Freddie, Brian and the boys hit your ears.

2. “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus
Get a final burst of energy from this track while you draw upon the glories of your homeland. When you’re halfway out to the pitcher’s mound, you’ll have totally forgotten that this song is by the girl who starred on Hannah Montana. Don’t think intimidation, think getting your head in the space of carefree confidence.

3. “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor
Remember how Rocky got his ass handed to him by Clubber Lang? Now remember how he came back in the rematch? What was the difference? Don’t get us wrong, all that training with Apollo helped. What he really needed, though, was this tune that speaks to the warrior inside all of us.

There are lots of ways to get your energy levels up when you’re taking the field, but following House of Pain’s inducement to “jump up, jump up and get down” is one of the best.

4. “Move B*tch” by Ludacris
This song just gets you into the mindset of pure intimidation. You’re telling your opponents to move and get out of the way. You’re the winner, you’re the champion, you’re the king of the hill. You’re the one that’s going to be showing them the agony of defeat. Let them know it from the second that you walk on the field with this killer track.

5. “Ruff Ryders Anthem” by DMX
If you’re going to use an entrance anthem, why not go for one that’s already used as an anthem for someone else? The “Ruff Ryders Anthem” got DMX and his crew through some tough years. It can get your team into first place when you use it to come on to the field.

6. “All The Above” by Maino
Do you have any idea how many college teams are using this track? Try basically the entire ACC and the Virginia Tech Hokies. It was also good enough for Danillo Villefort during UFC 101. Sure, he lost, but only because he was bleeding and the ref stopped the fight. This will get your team pumped up enough to take the competition by the scruff of the neck and drag them out the front gate.

7. “We Will Rock You” by Queen
That “boom-boom-BAP, boom-boom-BAP” beat is the mother of all motivational beats. Think of how many times you’ve stomped that out on school buses and in stadiums. Now try and channel all that energy and throw it in the face of your opponents.

Ludacris and friends demonstrate their thorough knowledge of the power of intimidation.

8. “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled
This is another one that’s just all over the place. The Chicago Blackhawks used it to celebrate their Stanley Cup win in 2010. The Knicks used it for their walk-on music in 2011. The Nashville Predators, New York Islanders and Memphis Grizzlies all use it as a victory lap tune at home games. It should work just fine for you and your crew.

9. “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by C&C Music Factory
Go back to the days when you played sports just for the love of a pickup game in the local lot. Get a little bit of the spring in your step that you have when it’s time to dance onto the field. That’s the idea behind casual confidence, and you’ll be brimming with it when the whistle blows.

10. “Jump Around” by House of Pain
One thing you want to do when you’re taking the field is get your energy levels up. How do you do that? There are lots of ways, but following House of Pain’s inducement to “jump up, jump up and get down” is one of the best ways to get your blood pumping and ready for action.

Amy Schlinger and Nicholas Pell contributed to this story.