We all love a good adventure. Some seek a bit more excitement that others. These 10 vacations below will provide you with all the adventure you could ever want. You might as well enjoy them because they could be your last.

1. Taking a “Surgery Safari”

The ultimate in kill two birds with one stone. A Surgery Safari is when you fly to Africa to combine two things, a safari to see the wild animals of the plains followed by plastic surgery from a local doctor at greatly reduced rates. This “Surgery Safari” is getting more and more popular due to the ever increasing prices of plastic surgery in the U.S.

There is actually a company that is completely dedicated to medical tourism and will
set up everything for you. For the price of what a nose job would cost in the states you can fly to Africa, get the nose job, and see a stampeding herd of elephants. Here comes the danger.
African plastic surgeon? I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Africa but they’re not exactly known for their plastic surgery. I’m sure there are some competent surgeons somewhere in the continent but chances are your only chance on not having a leg sown onto your nose would be in South Africa. I don’t go to LA to see lions and I’m going to Africa to get a tummy tuck.
Danger Level 4 out of 10.

2. Heli-skiing on the Chugach Mountain range in Alaska.
Tired of all the people around you messing up the powder on the slopes? Why not have a mountain all to yourself. For a mere $3500 for 3 days, Valdez Helicamps will take you up 13,000 feet onto mountains that have barely been touched by humans. Inaccessible except by helicopter you get to experience the serenity of total isolation. Base camp is a boat docked at Prince William Sound. They claim that they can take you to less technical slopes if need be but say you should be an intermediate to advanced skier. The positive, you have a instant medivac to take you to a hospital if you hurt yourself. The negative, there isn’t a hospital anywhere near. Danger level 4 out of 10

3. Mt. Everest. The Holy Grail of Adventurers
We all have thought about it. That is until “Into Thin Air” came out and then we decided to take a pass. Good news, less people are dying. Bad news, for every twenty that make it to the top, 1 dies. After those numbers, if the thoughts have creeped back into your mind then Adventure Consultants can fulfill your needs. For a mere $60,000 they will help you live your life long dream. They will take you through Nepal and the “death zone” on your way to the summit. For some reason they require you be a trained, skilled, climber before they will take you on. They also can’t guarantee that you will summit, ie get to the top due to the less than reliable weather. Many have died pushing to the top during bad weather because they knew they would only get one shot. This would explain the up front payment. You’ll need to go to Llyoyd’s of London to get life insurance on this one.
Danger level 9 out of 10.

4. Rafting the Zambezi River
You may have heard of Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. What you may not have heard about is Batoka Gourge, a class 5 rapid, and one of the most dangerous rapids in the world. Each section has a name like Highway to Hell, Stairway to Heaven, and Hell. If those names don’t scare you enough the wildlife will. The monkeys are known to pee on you as you go by and there is also another friend waiting for you in case you happen to fall out of the boat. Crocs. They quietly swim under the surface of the water waiting for something to fall out of the boat. About 30 people a year become Croc food. If you’d like to become dinner, I mean see Victoria Falls, you can give raftingholidays a call and for about $2300 they can set you up for an 8 day rafting adventure. Danger Level 7 out of 10

5. Ice Climbing in Hinterhein, Switzerland

I think the picture pretty much says it all. If the falling doesn’t kill you, the falling rocks will. If the falling rocks don’t, the avalanche or extreme cold could. This is only for experts and novices need only to bring a camera and lots of warm clothes because they don’t need to be any where near this place. Even the easiest climbs have a 50 Degree verticle with many being 90. I couldn’t find someone to guide me but this seems like a good place to start…..or end. Danger Level 8 out of 10

6. The Bamiyan Caves of Afganistan
To quote the Great Game Travel company “The drive to Bamiyan is breathtaking and dramatic. Explore the Bamiyan Buddha Niches and caves, Bandi Amir Lakes, and the Valley of the Dragon. Wander through the Ancient city of Balkh near Mazar, one of the most bustling and quintessentially “Afghan” towns. Drive high into the Hindu Kush through the Salang tunnel, one of the highest tunnels in the world.” An amazing vacation no doubt but perhaps one of the most dangerous countries in the world to visit. Your chances are highter here to get kidnapped, shot, or robbed than any other place on the planet. They even say ” Large areas of the country are now stable enough to travel in, as long as you follow good security procedures” I have enough trouble worrying about not killing myself on these vacations without worrying about others doing it for me. Danger Level 10 out of 10.

7. Mountain Biking down the “World’s Most Dangerous Road” (photo credits)

The sight of all the stone crosses might be the first sign that you may bitten off more than you can chew on this Bolivian adventure. They mark the lost lives that have fallen off the side of the cliffs that connect La Paz to the lowlands. The 3500 meter decent is one of the longest continuous descents in the world and is also one the most breathtaking. What makes this so dangerous is that the tight “road” (I don’t think this truly classifies as a road) falls off on one side and in the rainy season, has waterfalls running down the other. With a mountain bike the trail is doable but the buses have little chance, as you are reminded by the viewable reckage down below. When you finally reach the beautiful Coroico at the bottom the only thing that could possibly ruin your sense of accomplishment is the thought of the bus ride back to La Paz.
Danger Level 6 out 10

8. Any vacation with Robert Young Pelton
Pelton is an author and filmmaker who has a knack for sneaking through borders and dodging security in search of the “real story”. His website Comebackalive.com advises people of the current situations in the most dangerous places around the globe. He definitely has been part of history but unfortunately he often has been the only survivor in his party to tell the story. According to his website he has been part of “the siege of Grozny in Chechnya, the battle of Qala-I-Jangi in Afghanistan, the rebel campaign to take Monrovia in Liberia, inside the hunt for Bin Laden in the Tribal Areas with the CIA, with insurgents during the war in Iraq and running RPG Alley every day for four weeks with Blackwater in Baghdad”. That ride along the mountain is starting to look more appealing every second. Danger Level 10 out of 10

9. Climb Mount Washington
How in the world could a mountain in New Hamshire be a death wish? I bet you didn’t realize that Mount Washington is America’s deadliest peak. The mountain has claimed 134 (24 in the last ten years) lives since the 1800s due to its hurricane like winds and killing cold. The biggest cause of loss of life is the fact that 70 million people live within hours of the mountain and are unprepared for the danger the mountain possesses. They come for the “instant wilderness” and often show up in longjohns, blue jeans, and a winter coat. Weather can change in an instant and most people are there for fun and games not survival. Even the most skilled climbers are unprepared for the shift from calm to strong winds and bitter cold in a matter of seconds.
Nobody takes this mountain seriously. You’ve been warned. Danger Level 5 out of 10

10. Weekend with Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty
A weekend full of every drug you could possibly put in your body. Not only will you bring yourself to the brink of death but you possibly could take off 20 pounds doing it. You may also meet some famous stars over the weekend including Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears. Not for the light in the wallet either. A weekend with these two could cost in excess of $20,000 as they will expect you to float them their junk as well. A vacation to remember. Danger level 10 out of 10.