Meet the prettiest women who at the same time are able to play a really tough game of poker. Such a list can never be complete; there’s just too many handsome and competent women out there. Nevertheless, here’s my attempt in the Poker Babes genre (partly as a comment to Lady Junkie’s list of The Biggest Boobs in Poker)

10. Lacey Jones

Lacey Jones has a unique way of looking both wonderfully feminine and really resourceful at the same time.

She probably came onto the poker scene primarily for her stunning beauty, but soon proved to be so much more than a face.

Such as a decent poker player and competent reporter.


9. Clonie Gowen

Fantastic face and fantastic smile. A mop of hair that most women would kill for. Poker skills that most men would kill (her) for.

Regardless of personal taste and preferences, I think everybody, both men and women, will agree that Clonie Gowen is one of the prettiest women in poker.

At the same time she’s one of the very best female players around. All things considered, no one could compete with her about this first place.


8. Jennifer Harman

Attractive and sympathetic and with over two million dollars in total tournament winnings, Jennifer Harman would be a target for every grinder with marriage designs if it wasn’t for the fact that she’s already annoyingly happy in her marriage.

Jennifer Harman is part of an extremely select hard-core group of ultra-high stakes Las Vegas poker pros including no lesser legends than Doyle Brunson and Ted Forrest.

She was part of “The Corporation” that collectively took on banker Andy Beal in that legendary nosebleed stakes headsup match some years back.


7. Annie Duke

Annie Duke may not have the kind of symmetrical constitution that repeatedly puts her in this kind of list, but in my book Annie is a wonderful woman who’s both cute and shockingly smart.

Plus highly competent when it comes to poker, which goes without saying. With more than $3.5 million in tournament winnings she’s number two on the Women’s All Time List, after Kathy Liebert.

Some people may object to her pertinacious personality (obviously without knowing her in person), but I appreciate the “no fold” style of hers

I won’t even humiliate Annie by telling you who’s sister she is. In my book he’s her brother, not the other way around.


6. Evelyn Ng

With her wonderful personality, her fresh smile plus a really strong poker resume ($350K in tournament winnings), Evelyn Ng must be on a list of poker babes.

She’s also a genuine genius when it comes to Guitar Hero, which is an irresistible character trait according to this grader.

By the way, the photo of a male opponent looking for tells in Evelyn’s cleavage is pretty hilarious. I’ll see if I can hunt it down. Where’s Google when you really need it


5. Isabelle Mercier

Personally I felt a bit sad when Canadian poker whiz Isabelle “No Mercy” Mercier’s changed her image from esoteric brunette to blond bombshell.

But still, Isabelle is a hell of a lady who’s made a genuine contribution to poker (especially in France), has won more than $800,000 and is a feared opponent at any table.



Tiffany Michelle went really deep in the 2008 WSOP Main Event. An obviously good-looking, dark beauty with a classical American face if you want.

Actress and singer/songwriter with well-proven poker skills, currently involved in the 15th season of The Amazing Race in team with Maria Ho.

In this clip she proves an uncanny ability with words. Oh my god the questions she gets…


3. Michele Lewis

As if being a “mother, writer and poker player” wasn’t impressive enough, Michele Lewis is also a good looking lady if there ever was one.

She’s a really competent poker player too, with four cashes in the WSOP and more than $80,000 in tournament winnings.


2. Almira Skripchenko

Franco-Russian chess master Almira Skripchenko may be a dark horse in this context. That is, since she’s pretty new in poker. I’m not questioning her beauty.

However, with total tournament winnings over $200K, most of which came in the last twelve months, she’s not exactly a one-outer to remain in the searchlight of poker fame for a foreseeable future either.


1. Shannon Elisabeth

Shannon Elizabeth is one of the most “forthcoming” poker babes, meaning she doesn’t mind taking off most of her clothes in front of the camera.

Apart from that, she’s also made some good money off the big live events with total tournament winnings of almost $140,000.

Before going into the “poker celebrity business”, Shannon Elizabeth was a fashion model and actress, best known from her role in American Pie (1999).