Fall might be the best season. Changing leaves. Toasty beverages. The return of football/conclusion of baseball (zing!). If spring is the time to clean house, fall should be the time to load up your phone with all new apps. And these 10 are critical for the modern man in 2013…

Don’t blame us if you get hopelessly addicted to FIFA 14. Blame a little man named Leo Messi.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
This app will wake you up at a point in your sleep cycle when you aren’t in a deep sleep, leading to a more rested feeling in the morning. People are torn as to whether or not this is scientific or placebo-rific, but everyone agrees that it’s great.

Pro Football Weekly
Are you a football junkie? Need those up-to-the-minute scores, stats and breaking news? It doesn’t get any better than Pro Football Weekly, available for iOS and Blackberry. Learn about everything from injuries to trades to Belichick-ian maneuvers as they happen.

If your football fiend-dom is more of the international variety, you’ve gotta download the latest iteration of the world’s most popular game for the world’s most popular sport. Don’t blame us if you get hopelessly addicted. Blame a little man named Leo Messi.

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker
It happens to the best of us. You go out, you throw a couple back, you have no idea if you can drive or not. Android has come up with an app to let you know if you need a cab. It also estimates when you’re going to sober up. If only we’d had this in college.

Cool Guy
Whether you use iOS or Android, Cool Guy is in your corner. Throw together outfits, then throw them on your wish list or buy them directly from the app. Great for the gentleman looking to spend some coin on new threads… or the one who wishes that he could.

A slightly more productive way to spend your time than Angry Birds.

Let’s Date
Finally, an app that helps you navigate all the dating sites you’re already on. This one looks at how you react to online profiles, then selects people for you, letting you anonymously choose the ones your interested in and skip the ones you aren’t.

Hairstyle Salon
Thinking about a new haircut but don’t want to take the plunge just yet? Hairstyle Salon will help you out by letting you know what you’re going to look like before you sit down in the barber’s chair.

At Bat
It’s October and that means the baseball playoffs are in full swing, so to speak. Keep track of every series with the official app of Major League Baseball. Trust us, it’s way more technologically advanced than Bud Selig.

Are you crying about losing your Google Reader? You’re not the only one. Feedly, however, is on the next level. Some good stuff to know: You can use it from your phone or your computer and it seamlessly cannibalizes your old Reader feeds, so you’re not going to spend a Sunday afternoon doing it by hand. What’s more, it has a way more attractive interface.

Call of Mini Zombies 2
Basically any man needs a way to waste time at work or on the can. Grab this sequel to the smash hit Call of Mini Zombies and it’ll have you wondering where your afternoon went in no time.