Lizzy Caplan Masters of Sex

Showtime’s Masters of Sex is getting great reviews; star Lizzy Caplan is getting reviews that you might call “ecstatic.” In other words, the world is finally coming around to the secretly most attractive woman in entertainment. (Lest you think that we are placing ourselves above the fray here… when it comes to Lizzy Caplan, we surely are not.)

1. “As emotionally supple as she is scorchingly carnal…” — Matt Zoller Seitz, Vulture

2. “Our reigning queen of weird energy and acerbic effervescence.” — John Powers, NPR

3. “Somehow both earthy and luminous…” — Roth Cornet, IGN

4. “Instantly perfect.” — Hank Stuever, The Washington Post

5. “[Michael Sheen] has to act next to Lizzy Caplan, who has an elevating radiance to her (it’s those bright eyes and wide, winsome smile)…” — Aleksander Chan, presumably staring wistfully out his office window at The Austin Chronicle

6. “Sexy and open-minded, Caplan makes Johnson everyone’s would-be intimate.” — Tom Long, Detroit News

7. “All hot-eyed intelligence and blunt sexual know-how.” — Tom Carson, GQ

8. “She always had those flashing, judge-y eyes, a half sneer hotter and more affecting than most full smiles.” — Mark Lotto, also reporting from GQ’s Dept. of Red-Blooded Commentary On The Matter Of Lizzy Caplan

(Again, not that we are arguing.)

9. “Not only does she look great in glamorous hair and makeup; she’s also discovered a new way of moving and carrying her body that is as evocative of the bygone era as any of the dialogue or scenery.” — Lexi Nisita, Refinery 29

10. “The swizzle stick in the show’s erotic cocktail. …she’s chilled out and self-possessed, the type of woman who turns everything she says into an intelligent come-on, even when that’s not her intent. With her elegant nose and amused eyes, black-slash eyebrows and warm mouth, she’s like a pen-and-ink illo of herself.”— Emily Nussbaum, The New Yorker