By now you’ve likely heard of Pokémon Go, the smartphone augmented reality game that’s taking the world by storm. If you haven’t heard of it, perhaps you’re wondering why random people are suddenly hanging out outside your house, smartphones in hand.

That would be because of Pokémon Go (your house just may be a Poké Stop). And if you’re like us, you’re giving it a try. If you’re also like us, you need some good excuses to explain why you, the modern gentleman and reader of Made Man, are playing this game for kids.

So, here are 10 excuses you can use. You’re welcome.

  1. It’s important for my work that I understand current cultural phenomena
  2. This is my nephew’s phone. I’m just helping him get that Squirtle.
  3. I thought it was a recipe app for poke. The fish salad.
  4. I’m doing it to meet girls.
  5. I’m doing it to meet guys.
  6. It’s really just an exercise app. So I’m getting exercise. Yeah.
  7. It’s an investment. I’m getting in on the ground floor.
  8. Sociology. Or something like that.
  9. I’m learning so much about the neighborhood!
  10. It’s bigger than Twitter already. When in Rome…