Real men shouldn’t cry during movies…or ever. And if they do, they’re not likely to air it out in the open. In the few instances that they do, the tears are induced by one of three things: sports, a best friend, or a love for their country. The following are movies dealing with a few such themes that have a tendency to make real men lose it:


Personally, I believe that this is the only acceptable answer. Ask any man over 40 if he’s ever cried during a movie, and 90% of the time Song will be part of the answer. Because it deals with 2 of the 3 “man themes,” it makes things even more difficult. This made-for-tv flick from 1971 does feel a little dated nowadays, but the messages about friendship and courage still hold true. It also gets sports fans (especially from the Chicago area) always asking “what if” questions with regards to Gale Sayers. If you haven’t seen it already, it’s worth checking out just to see James Caan and Billy Dee Williams so early in their careers.


If you love America ( nod your head yes), then it’s probably pretty hard for you to get past the final scenes of this movie without losing your sh*t, that is if you can understand Tom Hanks saying, "Earn this." If you don’t appreciate the sacrifice that 292,000 American servicemen made WITH THEIR LIVES during WW2, then you will likely burn for eternity (if you’re into that whole "LOST" purgatory thing).

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