I’ve seen millions of compilations of the “most awesome”, “coolest photos you’ll ever see”, “amazing”, “caught at the perfect time” photos. I decided to go to the bottom of the shoebox full of photos and bring you the worst photos you’ll see today. All photos completely stolen because the photographers wouldn’t want to claim these things anyway

Bowling alleys are known for being the best local for a good photo shoot to begin with but add poor lighting, and a shirt made from a magicians cape, and you’re gonna struggle getting the best out of your camera
The lightpole stole the scene

Nothing like a nappy piece of knotted and tangled up hair caught in the window
to ruin a good shot of the Copy Center

Dude, three rules in MySpace photo shoots. 1. Make the image blurry
2. Have someone else take the photo 3. Clean the frickin mirror!

This is truly an amazing photo. Every time someone
looks at it they see something different as the subject.
I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with dead bird

I’m glad they shot this in black and white. Everyone looks better in black and white

The only thing this photo is good for is a very good background
to photoshop something in to

I call this one “Anywhere out West”

I don’t think I’ve ever had a photo give me a headache this quickly

This was the “caught a the perfect time” collection that made me seek the worst