As many of you know I love to stay ahead of the fashion curve. As a man of wealth and culture, occasionally I have to take a step back in time to stay ahead of future trends. I’m getting a jump on Soho and starting to rock the hard core vintage 70’s disco shirts. Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce to you my 10 Bad Ass Disco Shirts As Found on Ebay. A few simple rules to the kind of shirts I’ll rock. First, they have to be vintage. Second, they have to be badass.

I almost didn’t buy this shirt because of the butt naked model but I figured a little cookie crumbs on the shirt was worth it for this fine apparel . Maybe I was drunk when I saw this, but I swear I see Jabba the Hutt on the left side and other scenes from Star Wars on the shirt. If you wear it to the right party I guarantee others will see it too.

Nothing says cool like a vintage 70’s shirt with silhouette of people fishing and drinking martinis
I figured if you can’t even take a picture of the shirt without it sparkling then it was a shirt for me. The sparkle will almost certainly take the focus off my slightly receding hairline.

When I think of retro this is the shirt I think of. I can’t think of anything any cooler than a walking stained glass window. Partridge Family all the way.

I know this may be pushing the boundaries of cool but when I bust through the door looking like frickin Menudo, the chicks are going to be all over me. Not having one ounce of chest hair is only going to add to the overly metrosexual look.

I call this one “Razor Blades, Candy Canes, and Racquetball Balls” Every shirt
has to have a name.

As a trader I keep saw upside down bar charts dancing on this shirt and just went
straight to “Buy it Now”

Nothing says “I’m going to get so drunk I’m going to puke” like showing up at a party with blue jeans and peach retro tuxedo shirt. I also loved the fact it reminded me a bit of the “puffy shirt” on Seinfeld.

This one was so pimp I almost got wood when I saw it. Crushed velour tiger stripes is the perfect combination of David Cassidy and Prince, the two coolest dudes of their decades.

If I could only get one shirt I’d have to get this one because it is a patchwork of all the other shirts combined. It has the shine to it which a nice bonus. Notice the lack of “draw” or fitting at the bottom which is going to so nicely drape over my beer gut. A real find