Via Tiffanie Drayton of The Frisky

You know the saying “first impressions last a lifetime”? Well, it’s true and it even applies to online dating message writing. We’re most impressed by guys who actually read our profile and ask us questions about things we’ve mentioned in it. Crazy idea, I know! If you avoid these 10 common (and disastrous) phrases guys often send to ladies online, you are guaranteed to have better luck and get more responses.

1. Hi.” What says “I am lazy and not really that interested” more than a single syllable word for a message?

2. “You’re hot/sexy/attractive.” And you are using the most unoriginal and vaguely scummy combination of words in the online dating world.

3. “What are you looking for on here?” A lost dog? A shoelace? Lindsay Lohan’s sanity? No fellas, girls are looking for dates, hence the reason why they are on a dating website. Read more…