If you’re the captain, getting your social sports team all fired up starts during the pre-game. Your teammates may need some help getting into the spirit, so have the beats flowing. Once everyone’s singing and dancing, it’s impossible not to have an awesome time. And that positive energy will follow you to the field. Not sure what to play? Here’s our input. Click below to listen to the full set on Made Man’s Spotify.

1. Fade Into Darkness by Avicii
You might not like listening to it. You might not like dancing to it. It doesn’t matter. House music is high-energy music that will get the blood pumping while your squad readies itself for the challenge ahead. Just look at what Avicii’s doing for those folks in the pic above.

2. Steal My Sunshine by LEN
Go back to the salad days of college ball while you listen to this recent classic. Relax a bit, let sunshine fill you and then get ready to get out there and steal a bit of sunshine from the other team.

3. Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen
Pretend that you don’t know that this isn’t actually a patriotic anthem like you were raised to believe for a second. Allow the energy of that can-do, never-been-licked American spirit run through your veins. Then pretend that the other team is comprised entirely of al-Qaeda operatives and get all Seal Team Six on them.

You’re not going to get pumped up by Call Me, Maybe, per se. Just use it as a reminder of how women will view you when you’re done with the game, freshly showered and ready to take a victory lap at the local watering hole.

4. Enter Sandman by Metallica
This song seems like it was basically written to motivate players running onto the field. You remember it from the days when you were first starting to notice girls. Channel some of that adolescent energy and take the field prepared to “exit light” from the competition.

5. Call Me, Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
You’re not going to get pumped up by this track, per se. Just use it as a reminder of how women will view you when you’re done with the game, freshly showered and ready to take a victory lap at the local watering hole. Now psych yourself up for having a date other than a bunch of dudes.

6. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) by Backstreet Boys
Don’t front like you haven’t liked this song a little bit since your senior prom date made you listen to it. You and your team are the Backstreet Boys (and Girls) and you’re back for another crushing victory at the expense of the opposing team. Get ready to kill it.

7. Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar
How many minor league ball games did you go to as a child where they played this to get the team psyched up? You probably can’t count. You know why? Because it works. It’s got an infectious beat, a catchy tune and a conquering ethos that’s just what the doctor ordered when it comes to getting your team ready to give their all.

Steve Perry must have read that OKCupid research about how it’s sexier to look away.

8. Can’t Stop Me by Afrojack & Shermanology
Reason number two on our list that house music just works whether you like it or not: Can they stop you now? Not after you bang this track in the locker room. Before long you’ll have even the least coordinated/motivated members of your team feeling like they can fly.

9. Don’t Stop Believin’  by Journey
This song should be the new national anthem. The story of small town promises and big city dreams is encoded into the DNA of every American born after 1960. Rumor has it they’re playing this at the swearing ceremonies of naturalized immigrants these days. Getting all high on apple pie and bald eagles is the best way to get ready for the big game.

10. Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker
This is a song about hitchhiking across the country. While it might not be the same as your journey to winning the tourney, it will mirror the transformative experience that is playing in a social sports league.

Amy Schlinger and Nicholas Pell contributed to this story.