Riding the wave of her Oscar success last weekend, Julianne Moore has a new film out for wide release this weekend. Maps to the Stars is yet another testament to the fact that director David Cronenberg does not give two shits what Hollywood thinks and satirizes the toxic antics the entertainment industry gets up to in La-La Land.

The film follows the somewhat intertwined lives of train-wreck child star Benjie Weiss (Evan Bird) and washed-up actress Havana Segrand (Julianne Moore) while integrating a wide array of topics that might typically be considered taboo: incest, self-immolation, puppy-killing, schizophrenic visions and/or ghosts. It’s a lot to take in, and you’ll certainly leave the theater not knowing quite how to feel or what exactly just happened. I would, however, advise you definitely do not see this movie with your parents, significant other, or anyone else you’d like to maintain a certain degree of decorum around.

There has been quite some dispute over whether this controversial film will bring a dark storm cloud to rain on Julianne Moore’s Academy Award parade. Some say she should have tossed the script, while others speculate her bold performance will win her another golden guy (especially after the film already earned her best actress at Cannes). Regardless of whether Maps To The Stars leaves you intrigued or repulsed, however, here’s some reasons Julianne Moore deserves at least a little credit for the role:

  1. She rocks the name Havana.
  2. She’s really able to capture the fame-crazed megalomania of a vapid, aging actress… oh wait.
  3. She’s tormented by the ghost of her mother who bested her at acting and then burned to death.
  4. She strips down for massage therapy (John Cusack’s character performs the rubdown!) because she may or may not have been sexually abused by the pesky ghost mother.
  5. She participates in a no-frills Hollywood threesome even though it’s just plain awkward.
  6. She wipes herself on the toilet… on-camera. Ugh.
  7. She dances with joy after a child’s tragic death because it means she gets a highly coveted movie role.
  8. She lets Edward Cullen, I mean Rob Pattinson, I mean the limo driver, do her doggy-style in the backseat.
  9. She hires a schizophrenic burn victim (Mia Wasikowska) to be her personal assistant
  10. Said assistant eventually bludgeons her with one of her own awards.

I mean, what a performance!