Let’s face it, the only people that really care about the money losing satellite radio merger are the stock holders, the other radio companies, and the companies themselves. Here are 10 reasons why none of the rest of us care.

8. We know that the subscription model won’t work with a technology where the competitor is free and has quality choices. Satellite TV works because of the lack of choices. With radio, almost anyone in the country has 50 station choices to listen to and many many other choices of music or media to listen to in their home or car.

7. By the time the companies make money internet radio will be accessible in your car. It is just a matter of time before high quality radio will be just pumped through wifi anywhere they want.

6. We don’t listen to radio that much. 5 hours per week on average is all. Radio has been relegated to only in the car. Digital music has taken over. The ipod doesn’t have a radio and nobody seems to care

5. If we don’t let them merge one or both will just eventually go bankrupt. Too small of a market at this point to split. So if you’re thinking competition will increase programming choices and keep costs down think again. They’ll most likely be one company standing either way.

4. Not that much money. Combined it equals 8 billion dollars. If Facebook and MySpace merged nobody would care and they are worth 4 times that.

3. There are no local stations. There are millions of places to get ESPN, CNN and all the other recycled branded radio but you have to listen to local radio to get local news and

2. Because there is no advertising, others companies couldn’t care less. It doesn’t affect anyone except land radio and satellite radio subscribers. Yes a few large companies have relationships with XM or SIRI but none would be affected by the merger

1. Anyone 25 and under doesn’t care. They may not represent much to you but they will determine the fate of many things.