10. Jobs needed some extra time to pick out which black turtleneck he was going to wear to the release party.

9. Apple accidentally used “Microsoft speak” when they said it would be ready in “late June” which mean October in normal talk.

8. They are moving the date back in order to wait for a big tie in opportunity……..Leopard will come with a copy of the new CD “The Universe of Sanjaya”

7. After settling with The Beatles on the Apple name, Def Leppard joined in the fray and have called for a change of name, $10 million, and a new arm for the drummer .

6. Microsoft paid them $3 billion to “quit stealing their thunder” for six months after the release of the iPhone.

5. Because it only cost .10 cents to put a coupon in each new mac that says “free upgrade to Leopard when it comes out”.

4. It gives the ad makers a few extra months to film more “I’m a Mac” beatdowns of Microsoft.

3. Everyone in the Chinese software factory quit to earn more money gold farming in World of Warcraft.

2. Figured Barry Bonds should be topping Hank Aaron about this time and didn’t want to take away from the moment.

1. Bankers called Jobs to let them know they don’t have a vault big enough to handle all the cash they’ll make by releasing both the iPhone AND Leopard at the same time.