Shark Week has officially begun on Discovery Channel, and if you love sharks, you can’t get enough of them. Which means you’ll want to check out our 10 surprising facts about sharks below.

On the other hand, if you’re like me and you don’t really care too much about sharks or Shark Week–because you view sharks as predators that can do you no good–then you’ll want to read these 10 surprising facts about sharks below, skip Shark Week on Discovery Channel and be done with it.

Either way, the following tidbits on sharks are interesting and will take you five minutes to read. If that!

1. Sharks don’t get cavities.
You know how your dentist puts fluoride on your teeth at the end of every checkup? Well, shark teeth are naturally covered in fluoride. They also grow new teeth multiple times throughout their lives, making sure that they’re always in tip-top dental shape.

2. They don’t need men to reproduce.
If there’s an absence of males in their surroundings, a few species of sharks are able to reproduce asexually. (Yep, that’s right, somehow these sharks fuck themselves!) The bonnethead shark (pictured below) was the first known shark to do this, so good on it.

3. Some sharks can walk.
Discovered in 2013 in Indonesia, the bamboo shark walks under water. (Check out the cool video here.) There’s always that one guy who has to be different.

4. They’re cannibals. When they’re embryos.
In some cases, shark embryos will eat their siblings in the womb once their teeth are developed. (See it for yourself in this disturbing video here.) Wow, that takes sibling rivalry to a whole new level!

5. A baby shark is not called a baby shark.
It’s called a pup, OK?


6. Sharks don’t forget their roots.
Female sharks are known to go back to the place they were born to give birth to their pups.

7. Sharks suck at first impressions.
Male sharks first approach their female mates by biting them.

8. Sharks don’t have vocal chords.
Which means Jabberjaw has some explaining to do…

9. They’re less likely to attack if you’re swimming with a partner.
Or how about you just don’t swim in shark-infested waters?

10. More people are killed by coconuts each year than sharks.
So maybe Discovery Channel should have a Coconut Week.