10. Clinton and Obama have decided to go in together on a gym membership.

9. NBC has decided to officially drop all it’s writers and just show 24 hours of Gilligan’s Island, Scooby Doo, and the Match Game.

8. Nobody that works part time at McDonalds is eligible for a $300,000 home this year

7. Every ad on Engadet and Digg is “Push This Button”

6. The winner of Rajin’s Stock contest is only down 20%

5. Amy Winehouse has cut down to $500 worth of heroin a day

4. Sean “Puffy” Combs is coming out with a new designer gas called “Shizzle”

3. People are starting to think Prius drivers are cool

2. American Pie 12 didn’t reach its sales goal of 50 copies

1. Pot smoking UP. Cigarette smoking DOWN