10. Set up a dunk booth at the last campaign stop with a “Dunk Hillary for $5.01” Sign

9. Pushing rumors to the media that she has a sex tape with Jessica Alba and Carry Underwood

8. Has hired Morgan Freeman to narrarate all stories about her on the news for better effect

7. Has decided to switch from the power suit to the Catholic School Girl outfit for the rest of the campaign stops

6. Has started selling baseballs that say “I’m sorry I invested in Whitewater”

5. She keeps ending all her speeches with “And You Know I’ve Hacked the iPhone?”

4. She has gone to Mexico to start trying to get some of the Texas vote WAY in advance

3. Has Vowed to America to find out the “real” father of Michael Jackson’s children

2. Has paid Papa Johns to spell “Vote For Hillary” out of pepperoni on every pizza delivered

1. Three words: Vice President God