10. There’s a $100,000 sports car parked in the driveway

9. After he leaves, 10,000 people stop by to see what John had for dinner

8. Every dish was photographed before eaten

7. The centerpiece of the table had advertising on it

6. Between the appetizer and the main course somebody sold the centerpiece
advertising to somebody else for more money

5. The desert was a donation and was given to the first 4 people that commented on
the meal

4. All the neighbors have an e-book “How to make money eating out”

3. Your kitchen now has a PR5

2. Google didn’t recognize the meal

1. There’s a $500 tip under the placemat

If you haven’t read John Chow’s site you’re in for a treat. Love him or hate him you have to respect him for being the king of monetizing his site.