In light of all the recent news surrounding airline bankruptcies and mergers, you might want to heed these warning signs…

10. They hedged their fuel by buying $500 in Sam’s Club Fuel Cards

9. The new sign in the terminal reads “BYOB” Bring Your Own Blankets

8. The Flight Attendant asks if she can borrow your iPod touch to plug in to the video unit so they can have an in flight movie

7. You look into the cockpit and noticed that the pilots are those blow up dummies from the movie “Airplane”

6. There are Google Ads running on the back of all the seats

5. Last 5 People Off the Plane Have to Clean Up

4. In order to pay for extra fuel the dreaded “$1 for every pound you’re over 200 pounds” tax has been added to all tickets

3. All flights now will offer in air casinos

2. The stock’s price on the screen says “Close to Zero”

1. Good News…free drinks. Bad News……$5 toilets