10. You took Christian Okoye and Natrone Means in the first round.

9. You traded your second and third picks to get the extra first round pick

8. When you ask who the backup is for your quarterback the other people drafting tell you
your quarterback IS the backup

7. Two seconds after every pick you made some yelled out “You know he’s injured right?”

6. The drafting of 4 kickers is looking less and less like a good strategy

5. After a draft night of 6 beers and 4 Mojitos your draft sheet has the first 6 slots filled out and the other 10 have “Some player from the Jets” scribbled in.

4. You were out of town so your wife did your live online draft for you.

3. Three days after the draft you realize your Fantasy Football Magazine and Draft Kit were from 1991 and suddenly Haywood Jeffries didn’t seem as strong of a pick.

2. So what your telling me is Michael Vick won’t play at ALL?

1. How is it possible the all 16 players from my Fantasy Football team are on the cover of Sports Illustrated and the Cover of Madden 08 all in the same week?