My top 10 list from yesterday was well received so here comes the 2nd edition.

10. You ask him if he has his Series 7 or Series 3 and he replies “I really can’t afford a BMW”

9. Your trading fees are $7 plus “the first spin of the Big Green Wheel on The Price is Right” per share.

8. When asked if they could help you with a 401K they tell you that they are more about financial help than marathon training.

7. Their online trading platform had been shutdown for two weeks to “fix that time change thing”

6. They just offered online trading after 5 years because they’ve been waiting for Vista to come out.

5. When you check your portfolio you realize he has $10,000 of your money invested in a “The Girls of Wal-Mart” calendar.

4. After every executed trade a button pops up that says “Good Luck, You’ll Need It”

3. Every time you go into his office there is a map of Mexico on the wall, a suitcase full of clothes in the corner, and a passport on his desk.

2. His last “hot tip” turned out to be “play the numbers from LOST in the Mega Millions Game”

1. Every time you call to complain about his bad investments he replies with “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game”