Last night, Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall lost his endorsement deal with Champion thanks to his series of controversial Osama bin Laden-related tweets. But his words were really only the latest in a long tradition of offensive athlete tweets. Like, for example, these.

1. @thebabe
Gehrig is such a pussy!  “I feel sick!”  Be a man and get back out there and play some ball! I just played a doubleheader drunk off my ass!
1 May 1939

2. @chriswashburn
Just hit free throw in 2nd quarter. Officially broke Len Bias’ NBA scoring record, lol!
3 Nov 1986

3. @jackierob42
If white people are supposed to be so superior how come they can’t throw a brother out @second?
10 May 1948

4. @juiceisloose
Yo, Al… who should I kill next?  You’re the only one who can read this, right?
25 June 1994


5. @jacques_plante
Now that there are goalie masks, I wish Eisenhower would wear one.  He is one ugly mofo.
Feb 12 1958

6. @jacktatum
Hey Stingley! Get up!
12 August 1978

7. @janetevansh20
OMG! Stayed in pool too long and my vag feels super pruney.
18 June 1988

8. @jerrysloan
Just saw “The Book of Mormon”… way better than being in an arena full of 20,000 schmuck polygamists for 23 years!
10 April 2011


9. @andrettispeed
If I catch whoever changed my preset radio stations I’ll run over their entire family @ 218mph.
19 April 1968


10. @huskiesgeno
I ain’t gay but it’d be nice to be around some dudes once in a while instead of all these nappy-headed hoes.
14 October 1987