1. NASA finds an Earth-like planet 490 light years away
Meet Kepler-186f! It’s close to the size of Earth, in the habitable zone of its home star, and is probably home to billions of those ack-ack aliens from Mars Attacks! [CNN; Photo: NASA]

2. Ferry sinks off the coast of South Korea
Nearly 300 people, mostly high schoolers, are still missing after a passenger boat capsized on Wednesday. [CNN]



3. World’s most haunted island is up for sale
Poveglia, a 17-acre island in the Venetian Lagoon, is being auctioned off. A bit of its charming history, if you’re thinking of buying: the last stop for hundreds of black plague victims, the site of a grim mental hospital, and 50 percent of the soil is composed of human ash. Fun! [Time.com]

4. Easter and 4/20 fall on the same day this Sunday
Bunnies, chocolate and the Son of God rising from the dead…or bongs, chocolate and listening to the Grateful Dead all day. Your pick. [Huffington Post]

5. Mrs. Doubtfire sequel in the works
HEL-LOOO! More than two decades down the line Robin Williams will don the rubber bosoms and lilting Scotch accent once more. Former child star Mara Wilson will not be appearing, as she, like the rest of us, has moved on with her life. [LA Times]

6. Literary legend Gabriel García Márquez dead at 87
The accomplished Colombian novelist and magical realist passed away at his home in Mexico City. We remember just how much we love One Hundred Years of Solitude. [New York Times]

7. Portland, Oregon, to flush a 38-million-gallon reservoir after a guy pees in it
After a dude was caught relieving himself in the city’s drinking water, the Water Bureau has decided to dump the whole thing just to be safe. What about the fish who pee in it all the time? [Oregon Live]

8. Leaflets order Ukranian Jews to register with separatist government
So far, no one has taken responsibility for the flyers, handed out by masked men outside a synagogue earlier this week. But seriously, this is just horrible. [NBC News]

9. Orange Is the New Black season two trailer released
Crazy Eyes has found a new crush, Piper is taking absolutely no one’s crap anymore, and Lorraine Toussaint has joined the crew at the Litch. Come June 6, let the glorious binge-watching commence.

10. “Female Insect Uses Spiky Penis to Take Charge”
Yes, that is an actual headline in Scientific American this week. Researchers have found that the female of the species Neotrogla, which lives in Brazilian caves, is the one who mounts and penetrates the male. Who needs strap-ons, anyway? [Scientific American]