1. Obama plays soccer with a robot
On a visit to Japan, the Prez kicked the ball around with ASIMO, a humanoid robot manufactured by Honda. You have to give Barack props for not running away screaming when that thing started doing its creepy little run. [Laughing Squid]

2. Parks and Recreation fast-forwards
The beloved sitcom closed its sixth season with a bang, rocketing its characters three years into the future. As if cameos from Michelle Obama, Jon Hamm and Jeff Tweedy hadn’t already given us enough excitement for one day. [EW]

3. Ronald McDonald gets a makeover
The fast-food spokesclown is back with a new look and a Twitter hashtag. Does social media really need one more bozo taking selfies? [SFGate]

4. California facing a massive drought
The Golden State is in the grips of a water shortage that covers 100 percent of the state, the biggest in 15 years. Some cities, like Santa Cruz, are instituting mandatory conservation restrictions. [LA Times]

5. Lost Warhol computer art discovered
The Pop dabbled in digital art on a Commodore Amiga, one of the earliest PCs. His e-doodles include images of soup cans and a three-eyed version of Botticelli’s Venus. Imagine if Warhol had lived long enough to sink his teeth into the Internet. [The Verge]

6. Israel shuts down peace talks with Palestinians
Netanyahu has halted U.S.-mediated negotiations following a possible Hamas alliance with the Palestinian government. John Kerry gently slams his head against his desk. [The Guardian]

7. Sixteen-year-old kid flies from San Fran to Maui in a wheel well
Arrr, a stowaway! A teenager hid in the landing gear on a five-and-a-half-hour flight across the Pacific, surviving freezing temperatures and oxygen deprivation. That’s one way to run away from home, we guess. [NPR]

8. Cliven Bundy is a terrible human being
A Nevada rancher who built a conservative media circus around himself has exposed his true racist colors after he suggested that African Americans were better off as slaves. Can we take the spotlight off this guy, please? [New Yorker]

9. Thirty dead cats found in a tree in Yonkers, NY
An obscene amount of dead felines were found hanging in plastic bags in an empty lot by Public Works employees. And this isn’t even the city’s first mass-cat-murder incident! Pet lovers, steer your tabbies clear of Yonkers. [Gawker]

10. Google Maps adds a time-travel function
It’s not quite the TARDIS, but Street View now lets you toggle through seven years of location images to chart everything from the construction of the Freedom Tower to seasons changing in Norway. We’re kind of freaked out by how remote 2007 is now. [Smithsonian]