Google Glass

1. United Nations holds four-day summit on “killer robots”
It sounds like sci-fi, but with military drones predicted to become autonomous in the next two decades, the UN is taking a potential Terminator scenario pretty seriously. (No one tell the Decepticons!) [US News]

2. Minnesota woman’s cancer cured by measles virus
After Mayo Clinic doctors injected myeloma sufferer Stacy Erholtz with a massive dose of measles vaccine, her cancer went into remission, and her multiple tumors shrank and disappeared. Just…wow. [Washington Post]

3. Google Glass available to American public
The futuristic specs are still in beta mode, but if you’ve got $1,500 lying around and live in the U.S., you can get a set for yourself. Okay Glass, lower price tag. …Why isn’t it working? [Gizmodo]

4. Mining disaster in Turkey kills almost 300
The country is up in arms after a coal-mine explosion in western Turkey claimed hundreds of lives. The atmosphere is turning violent as protesters are clashing with the government over abysmal mining safety standards. [Guardian]

5. Cat saves boy from dog attack
A win for feline lovers: When a four-year-old riding a bike in his parents’ driveway was set upon by a neighbor’s dog, the family cat came between them and saved the day. Who’s man’s best friend, again? [Independent]

6. New York Times executive editor fired
Shortly after she formally complained about the fact that her salary was less than that her male predecessor’s, Jill Abramson was unceremoniously canned by the Times. That odious glass ceiling remains very much intact. [New Yorker]

7. Andrew Garfield dons drag for new Arcade Fire video
The Spider-Man star trades his Spidey suit for a wig and a bra in the band’s moving, psychedelic “We Exist” video, part of which was filmed live at Coachella. Not only does he act the crap out of it, but he can really rock a pair of heels. [Pitchfork]

8. Indian election victory for opposition party
The Bharatiya Janata party’s Narendra Modi won the prime minister seat by a landslide today, ousting the long-governing Indian National Congress party. The new leader of the world’s second most populous country promises to focus on the common man. [New York Times]

9. Christopher Columbus’s Santa Maria discovered off Haitian coast
Underwater treasure hunter Barry Clifford released photos of what he claims is the wreck of the explorer’s flagship. Sadly, it appears to have been looted by underwater pirates. And as sad as that is, how awesome would it be to be an underwater pirate? [CNN]

10. Bouncy castle flies 50 feet into the air with three kids onboard
In upstate New York, a strong gust of wind blew an inflatable castle up into the sky with two boys and a girl inside. Though it sounds like an Up scenario, it was actually awful: Nobody died, but two of the kids suffered serious injuries. [Buzzfeed]