1. Landline Phones

Most people have them for two reasons. One, they have always had them and have just kept them. Two, they think it is more secure than a cell phone. It is ridiculous to not have replaced your landline phone by now. Everyone already has a cell phone and with all the cell phone packages out there you can have plenty of phones for the whole family. You can even have one that does nothing but sit on the desk at home for 1/3 of the price of a landline. Don’t give me the BS of you have to pay for a landline to get DSL either. Not true. You have to have the lines in the house but they want you to pay for a phone but don’t require it. Is it really worth $30 + a month for the insurance that it would work if a natural disaster took out all the cell towers? Heck it would most likely take out the landlines with it. PS Sure you can get a landline cheaper than a cell but then you don’t have a cell. If you have a cell you don’t need a landline.

2. A new golf driver every time they come out with the “the bigger/ different better driver”
You’re going to learn sooner or later. The $300 you keep spending on the driver isn’t helping you one bit unless your swing is getting better as well. Your ego is bigger but not your drive. Put the money into lessons PS: Those expensive golf balls aren’t helping your bottom line or your game either.

3. A new car

Rich people don’t drive new cars. They drive expensive cars, but they let someone else take the heavy depreciation on the first few years. For the rebuttal that rich people buy expensive cars all the time. True but they are in the income class that saving money is of no concern. Also, don’t give me the old “I don’t want someones handmedownds” or ” I like that new car smell” Nice cars are taken care of and letting someone else break her in is not a bad thing. The new leather smell lasts for years and parking it in the hot sun will give you that new car smell again if you have leather. The warranty issue is no longer a problem as well due to the fact warranties are getting longer and stay with the car, no matter who the owner is. Save your money for the 9 mpg your Porche is going to get.

4. Extended warranties

What a crock. Best Buy admits most of their profits came from these for a few years. It’s a proven fact that if you buy a high quality product and save the money you would have spent on the extended warranty, over the life of the product you will come ahead. They ONLY way you should ever get one is if you intend to do things to the product that the warranty probably wouldn’t cover anyway. PS, the cell phone insurance is the worst. Unless you have a $300 phone, the odds say you can save the monthly fee and if you do lose or break you phone, you can buy a new one on ebay and transfer the sim.

5. A Soloflex.

You’re not going to use it. How many tens of millions of people have been suckered into thinking they are going to lose weight and work out with this fine piece of gym equipment? The guy in the comercial does have a nice body but I am going to guess he didn’t get it on the soloflex. Just buy a bench and a few dumbells. At least you can use the dumbells to hold the door open.

6. Hair Salon Shampoo

Women are more guilty of this than men. There is a reason they ask you if you need more shampoo every time you get your hair cut. It is a scam. The shampoo that they charge you $30 is no better than the $5 drug store shampoo despite the fact “you are sure” it’s better. Look at the ingredients. Save your money for the brazilian wax.

7. Designer Jeans

If your butt looks good it really doesn’t matter what jeans you put them in to. I realize they are fashion statements but if you really want to draw attention, a couple lunges and running a few miles a day will draw much more attention than a pair of $100 jeans. I am not saying to go out and buy a pair of dark blue farmer jeans, just a normal pair of $20-$30 pair of nice fitting jeans is all you need.

8. E-Books

There isn’t anything in any of those online e-books they try to sell you that you can’t find yourself on the internet. I don’t know why anyone would spend money on these things but millions do. Save your money and buy some coffee ( not the coffee below) to keep you awake while you surf through google. By the way , I’ll be selling this list as an ebook in the future

9. Premium Coffee

Starbucks has you suckered. You think spending $3 on a few coffees a day is OK. It’s not. It has financially replaced the 2 pack a day smoking habit. The $3 a day put into a retirement plan yielding 8% annually would net you 300 grand in 40 years. And most people drink two

10. Lottery Tickets
Gambling is stupid. I’ve said it a million times. Trading has some skill behind it and it is possible to succeed. Lottery tickets have 0% chance of paying off. Yes, some win hundreds of millions. Yet if you played for ever you would never win because 50% of the money is taken out and only half is given back. You are so much better off taking the $1 a day and putting it in your glove box. At least at the end of the year you are guaranteed to win $365.