1. Israel rejects ceasefire proposal, fighting continues in Gaza
The Israeli defense ministry shot down a temporary truce proposed by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. More than 800 Palestinians and 36 Israelis have died in the 18 days since fighting began. Meanwhile, a “Day of Rage” has been called for by Palestinian leadership as violent protests hit the West Bank. [BBC, NBC News]

2. Comic-Con International gets underway
The annual pop-culture megafest started yesterday in San Diego, kicking off four days of TV, film and comic panels attended by costumed hordes dressed as everything from the Joker and Batman to the lady Joker and lady Batman. There’s been lots of news so far, yes, but the most important thing is this Game of Thrones blooper reel, obviously. [io9]

3. Plane crashes in Taiwan and Mali claim 166 lives
Less than a week after a Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down in Ukraine, there have been two more commercial air disasters: a TransAsia Airlines plane that fell from the sky in Taiwan, with 48 reported dead; and an Air Algerie flight that crashed in North Africa, killing all 118 passengers. [CNN, LA Times]

4. Russian sex geckos lost in outer space
You couldn’t make up this headline if you tried. Earlier this month, a satellite containing five geckos was launched into orbit by Russian researchers, in a study designed to test the effects of zero gravity on animal mating habits. But scientists lost contact with the satellite on Wednesday, leaving the key-swapping lizards adrift somewhere over Earth. Hope they remembered to stock up on K-Y Jelly.… [The Wire]

5. Most dinosaurs probably had feathers, paleontologists find
The discovery of a 160-million-year-old dinosaur species in Siberia have led scientists to believe that, contrary to previous theories, almost all dinosaurs had a downy layer of feathers. The Jurassic Park raptors suddenly seem a lot less terrifying and a lot more like overgrown, pissed-off chickens. [National Geographic]

6. U.K. man erects giant farting butt, aims it at France
He farts in your general direction. Plumber Colin Furze has used a valveless pulsejet engine to produce a massive flatulent sound and put it inside a massive metal buttocks. Furze then brought his mechanical ass to the cliffs of Dover and aimed it at France, 21 miles across the water. Classy! [Huffington Post]

7. ISIS blows up Jonah’s Tomb, orders women to wear full-face veils
Iraqi militants destroyed a sacred shrine said to be the resting place of the ancient prophet, declaring the mosque it was housed in to be “un-Islamic.” The insurgent group has also declared that women in Mosul must wear a face-covering veil or be subjected to “severe punishment.” Not good, guys. Not good. [The Week, Guardian]

8. 232 teeth removed from jaw of Indian teenager
In Mumbai, doctors extracted hundreds of tiny teeth and a “marble-like structure” from 17-year-old Ashik Gavai’s jaw, in a surgery that lasted for more than six hours. Gavai is expected to make a full recovery. Still, ouch. [SF Gate]

9. Bullet fired against machete splits and hits two targets
A Tennessee sharpshooter aimed a pistol at the blade of a machete, cutting the bullet in half and popping a pair of balloons positioned on either side. And he did it twice. That is some Matrix crap right here. [Gizmodo]

10. Creepy porcelain dolls appear on California doorsteps
In something straight out of an urban legend, eight San Clemente, California, residents reported finding mysterious dolls left on their doorsteps, bearing eerie resemblances to each family’s young daughter. After a few days, police discovered that they were left by a woman who goes to church with the families, and intended the doll-leaving as a “kind gesture.” Uhhh … thanks? [ABC News]