1. American journalist James Foley executed by ISIS
The freelance photojournalist, who went missing last year while covering the civil war in Syria, was beheaded by members of ISIS in a publicly released video, in retaliation for American airstrikes in Iraq. Militants issued a $132 million ransom for Foley’s release in November, and last month, a military attempt to rescue Foley and other hostages went south. [Huffington Post, USA Today]

2. National Guard withdraws from Ferguson, MO
Following nearly two weeks of charged protests in response the police shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is pulling the National Guard out of Ferguson. The withdrawal comes after two days of relative calm in the embattled suburb. But Ferguson—and the country—still as a long road ahead of it. [Guardian]

3. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunite in “Barely Legal Pawn”
The cooks are back. The Breaking Bad boys have appeared in a video sketch that sends up all those ridiculous pawn-shop reality shows, as a backdoor promo for Monday night’s Emmy Awards. Their costars? Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her Seinfeld Emmy, playing themselves. [Boston Globe]

4. Israel kills prominent Hamas members; Hamas kills 21 alleged collaborators
As the seemingly endless conflict rages on, with truces and ceasefires repeatedly broken, Israeli forces took out three of Hamas’s top commandos on Thursday. In response, Hamas executed 21 Gazans for supposedly acting as informers for the other side. Meanwhile, the death of a four-year-old Israeli child due to Hamas shelling will likely intensify fighting. [New York Times, Guardian]

5. Facebook introduces “satire” label
Because people apparently no longer understand what jokes are, Facebook will put the kibosh on all humor by slapping a “satire” label on stories from the Onion and similar outlets. The worst thing about this development is that there’ll likely be a lot less content on Literally Unbelievable … which is literally depressing. [Death and Taxes]

6. American Ebola patients cured, released from hospital
Some good news in a seemingly endless string of bad: Dr. Kent Brantly and missionary Nancy Writebol, two Americans who have been in treatment at Emory University Hospital for Ebola contracted in Africa, have both been given clean bills of health after receiving an experimental drug treatment. Can we maybe now get that stuff over to Africa as soon as possible? [CNN]

7. Almost 400 people pay it forward at Florida Starbucks
It’s the Haley Joel Osment movie that’ll never die. At a Starbucks drive-through in St. Petersburg, Florida, a woman paid for the driver behind her’s coffee. The chain of caffeine giving continued for almost 11 hours. But, as Fast Company points out, this isn’t really giving (with the exception of buyer number one); it’s just paying for your own drink indirectly. But uh…pats on the back all around, we guess? [First Coast News, Fast Company]

8. Peter Capaldi takes over in Doctor Who this Saturday
Allons-y! This weekend, maniacal-eyebrowed British actor Peter Capaldi begins his run as the time-and-space-traveling Doctor, becoming the 12th man to take the helm of the big blue box. His first episode, “Deep Breath,” will be broadcast both in movie theaters and TV screens, and apparently features both Cybermen and a T-Rex. Check out an interview with Capaldi here.

9. 50,000 bees living in ceiling of Queens apartment
Meet Frieda Turkmenilli: She’s been living for god knows how long with tens of thousands of literal bees literally living right over her head. The bees are destined for an apiary upstate, and Turkmenilli is destined to become much more aware of ominous buzzing noises from now on. [CBS News]

10. Paul McCartney and Kanye West might be secretly collaborating
Bigger than Yeezus? According to the rumor mill, the ex-Beatle and the rapper are working on a recording project together, and one of the tracks may or may not be called “Piss on My Grave.” Funny, we don’t remember “I could be handy recording a crossover hip-hop album” anywhere in the lyrics of “When I’m Sixty-Four.”… [Pitchfork]