1. Celebs go all-out for Halloween
First things first: It’s All Hallows weekend, which means the costumed masses and candy-rabid children are out in force. It also means that we get to see what kind of crazy costumes the rich and famous don this year. Early favorites: Beyoncé and Blue Ivy as Janet and MJ and Neil Patrick Harris and his fam as Batman characters. (Who among the DC Comics brass do we bug about getting NPH cast as the Riddler?) Honorable mention goes to Katy Perry’s Flamin’ Hot Cheeto getup.

2. Election Day is Tuesday; Republicans could seize control of Congress
America, get thee to a polling place on November 4! We know midterm elections aren’t as sexy as presidential ones, but this matters, people. The GOP is poised to nab the majority of Senate seats and deepen their influence in the House of Representatives under John “Terrible Fake Tan” Boehner. Is that what you want?! I mean, if it is…fine. Whatever. Just…just go vote, okay? [Guardian]

3. Marvel unveils new crop of movies, including Captain Marvel and Black Panther
As if last week’s Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer wasn’t exciting enough for superhero lovers everywhere, Marvel announced 12 new movies being rolled out through 2019. Among them are sequels to Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, Captain America and Thor. But the really exciting news: movies for both an African-American (2017’s Black Panther) and a lady superhero (2018’s Captain Marvel)! The times, they are a’ changing’. [Chicago Tribune]

4. Virgin Galactic rocket plane explodes, killing one and injuring another
In a serious setback for the future of space tourism, Virgin Galactic’s prototype SpaceShipTwo malfunctioned during a test flight, crash-landing in the Mojave Desert. One of the pilots was killed, while the other was seriously wounded. [NBC News]

5. Giants beat Royals in World Series; San Fran celebrates by destroying everything
The San Francisco Giants beat the Kansas City Royals 3-2 in the final game of this year’s World Series, marking the Giants’ third victory in five years. (Not exactly a heartwarming underdog story.) Fans celebrated by setting things on fire, beating each other up, and hurling glass bottles at the cops. Stay classy, San Fran. [Newsweek]

6. President Blaise Compaoré steps down in Burkina Faso
Following violent uprisings by the citizenry, Burkina Faso leader Blaise Compaoré announced his resignation after 27 years in power. Elections have been promised within 90 days; in the meantime, General Honore Traore has assumed control of the government. [Guardian]

7. Daniel Radcliffe raps like a baller on The Tonight Show
The former Harry Potter appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show to talk his new movie Horns, and in the process revealed his penchant for memorizing hip-hop lyrics. He then proceeded to completely blow the roof off the joint with his rendition of Blackalicious’s notoriously complex “Alphabet Aerobics.” From now on, just call him the Boy Who Rapped. [Rolling Stone]

8. Possible piece of Amelia Earhart’s plane discovered
The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (yes, there is such an organization) thinks it may have solved one of history’s most enduring missing-persons cases. The group unveiled evidence that a scrap of metal discovered in 1991 on the deserted Pacific island of Nikumaroro likely belonged to the long-lost pilot’s plane. [Gawker]

9. Connecticut ghost town bought for $1.2 million
Who hasn’t wanted to own their own creepy, deserted village? An unnamed buyer has dropped a relatively pithy amount for the deed to the 62-acre Johnsonville, Connecticut, a onetime mill town that’s been abandoned since 1998. Here’s hoping whoever this town owner is turns it into a working re-creation of Stars Hollow, the fictional CT town from Gilmore Girls. (Hey, a girl can dream.) [Smithsonian]

10. Teletubbie breaks into Pennsylvania house, steals Chinese takeout
In excellent weird-crime news, a Lehigh University college kid broke into his buddy’s house in the middle of the night dressed as Laa-Laa (the yellow Teletubbie), breaking a door in the process. His mark? Chinese leftovers in the fridge, which he reportedly carried off in his “man purse.” Eh oh! [Lehigh Valley Live]