1. D-Day marks 70th anniversary
Seven decades ago today, Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy and turned the tide of World War II. The world would be a very different place today if not for that windy day in 1944. [Guardian]

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2. Guy pulls elaborate Nicolas Cage prank
A dude on Imgur filled his brother’s house with hundreds of Cage effigies, plastering cutouts of the overwrought actor’s face on everything from family photos to ice cubes. NOT THE BEEEEEES!!! [Gawker]

3. Obama and Putin make nice
And speaking of D-Day, commemoration ceremonies occasioned a meeting between the two world leaders on the outs, during which they discussed the Ukraine situation. At a formal lunch, the president of France and the British and Danish queens were seated between Obama and Putin. Akwaaard. [Time]

4. George R.R. Martin will write you into Game of Thrones, murder you, for charity
To help raise funds for a pair of charities in Santa Fe, the fantasy author has a proposition for you: If you donate $20,000, he’ll name a character in a future Song of Ice and Fire novel after you and kill that character off in trademark horrible fashion. And to think, Oberyn Martell got his head squashed in for free. [Cinema Blend]

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5. 50 Cent does Maleficent
The rapper donned Angelina Jolie’s black pointy hat for a parody of the new Disney flick on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The tagline of MaleFiftyCent? “Get Witch or Die Tryin’.” We’d watch that movie in a heartbeat. [MTV]

6. Shooting sprees hit Seattle and New Brunswick
In what is sadly becoming regular news, there were two more incidents of random gun violence this week: One on the campus of Seattle Pacific University, where a 26-year-old shooter opened fire inside a school building; and the other in Moncton, New Brunswick, where a 24-year-old man killed three policemen. [Washington Post]

7. Orange Is the New Black returns for second season
Netflix dropped the entire 13-episode run of the popular women’s prison dramedy early Friday morning, and Piper, Crazy Eyes and the gang are back and in rare form. Let the binge-watching commence—if it hasn’t already. [Rolling Stone]

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8. Nepal breaks tree-hugging world record
More than 2,000 Nepalese students and politicians gathered in a park outside Kathmandu on World Environment Day, where they wrapped their arms around tree trunks to raise eco awareness. Awww. []

9. Bride ties newborn to wedding dress
Here’s a whole new breed of bridezilla: A Tennessee woman attached her one-month-old infant to the train of her wedding dress as the couple walked down the aisle. She claims the baby was totally safe, though, because of “Christ which covers all.” [sic] Does Christ also cover being a terrible mother? [Buzzfeed]

10. Two “Super Earths” discovered orbiting nearby star
Astronomers have found two planets circling Kapteyn’s Star, a red dwarf located 13 light years from Earth. Kapteyn B and C are both huge, rocky worlds, and B may be close enough to support liquid water. See you in the constellation Pictor, y’all. [National Geographic]