David Bowie

1. Malaysia Airlines flight shot down over Ukraine, 298 dead
A commercial flight traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was hit by an antiaircraft missile, killing everyone on board. U.S. intelligence officials believe it was the work of pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine. [Washington Post]

2. Marvel ladifies Thor, finds a new Captain America
The Avengers, they are a-changin’. Marvel announced that in upcoming comic books, African-American superguy Sam Wilson (formerly the Falcon) will take up the mantle of Captain America from Steve Rogers; also, Thor’s hammer will pass on to an as-yet-unnamed female heroine. Nice! Oh, and Iron Man has a new suit. Meh, get over yourself, Tony Stark. [EW.com]

3. California wants to split into six states
Silicon Valley investment guy Tim Draper has proposed a plan to divide the Golden State into half a dozen separate states with names like “Jefferson” and, yes, “Silicon Valley.” Crazy? Well, it’ll be up for a vote on the 2016 ballot. You decide, Californians. Er…Jeffersonians?

4. Israel begins ground invasion of Gaza
Following more than a week of bombardment from both sides, Israeli soldiers have hit the ground on the Gaza Strip in an effort to root out Hamas militants. With more than 260 Palestinians dead and around 2,000 wounded already, we don’t have a great feeling about this. [WSJ]

5. Four-winged flying dinosaur skeleton found in China
Meet the Changyuraptor yangi, a newly discovered species of feathered prehistoric reptile that had—get this—four wings. This is the largest dino of its kind yet unearthed, measuring 1.3 meters in length. Can they be added to the new Jurassic Park sequel and, if so, can Chris Pratt please ride one? [Guardian]

6. Weird Al releases four new music videos
The Kenny G–haired king of parody is back in a big way with a quartet of new songs and videos sending up Iggy Azalea, Lorde, Pharrell and Robin Thicke. Our favorite? It’s a tie between “Word Crimes,” a grammar nerd’s riff on “Blurred Lines,” and “Tacky,” which features Jack Black, Kristen Schaal and other funny types grooving to “Happy” in garish outfits. [SF Gate]

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7. Giant mystery hole appears in Siberia
A giant crater 262 feet in diameter has materialized on Russia’s remote Yamal Peninsula, surrounded by loose earth. Melted ice? Natural gas explosion? Giant sandworm from Dune erupting from the center of the planet? Even scientists don’t know yet.

8. David Bowie announces more music soon
In trademark super casual fashion, David Bowie hinted that he would be releasing more music at some point in the undefined future, in a statement at a London charity event. In the same statement, he instructed Londoners to “dance, dance, dance.” Which is good advice coming from anyone, but particularly from Ziggy himself. [NY Times]

9. TSA worker doesn’t believe D.C. is a real place
WFTV reporter Justin Gray was stopped by security at the Orlando International Airport for holding a license from a state the officer had never heard of. That mystery spot: the District of Columbia. Eesh. [Mediaite]

10. Twelve-year-old kid steals a school bus after trial for stealing a different school bus
Yes, Michael Probst is that folk hero of the sixth grade. The day after he appeared in court for stealing a school bus and driving it to Wal-Mart, he got his mitts on another one and took it on a two-hour cruise. He drove 55 miles before being stopped. Good for you, dude. [Gawker]