1. Buddhist monks break dance in honor of the Beastie Boys’ MCA
The late Adam Yauch, who died of cancer in 2012, got a singularly badass tribute when a group of Buddhist monks got down to “Ch-Check It Out” in New York’s Union Square last weekend. Watch the video.

2. Motorcycle accident makes man’s heart switch places in his chest
In Italy, a 48-year-old guy’s heart turned 90 degrees in his chest following a motorcycle crash. The crazy part? Doctors put it back where it belonged, and it was still working! [NY Daily News]

3. Romney backs higher minimum wage
In defiance of his party, Mitt has joined Democrats in calling for a minimum-wage hike to $10.10 per hour. This still doesn’t make up for that thing he did with the dog and the car roof, though. [Christian Science Monitor]

4. Posthumous Michael Jackson album to drop Tuesday
On Xscape, Timbaland & Co. used old Jacko vocal demos to mix “new” songs. Is resting in peace not a thing we’re letting pop idols do anymore? [New York Times]

5. American experts aid in search for missing Nigerian girls
Obama has sent a military team in to help find the more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by a militant group in Nigeria last month. [BBC]

6. Power Rangers movie is in the works
That terrifically cheesy early-’90s kids’ show about multicolored teenagers who pilot giant robots is lined up for a big-screen reboot. Hard to believe Rita Repulsa is still nursing that grudge after all these years. [IGN]

7. China proposes high-speed railway between Beijing and the U.S.
The hypothetical train would run through Siberia, under the Pacific Ocean and through Alaska and Canada before hitting the continental United States. In other news, we would like a pony that can fly. [The Guardian]

8. Monica Lewinsky talks Clintons in Vanity Fair
Because we all still care about this apparently, the former White House intern disses Hillary, theorizes on the Internet, and quotes T.S. Eliot in a new essay. We miss the ’90s too, but not this specific part of the ’90s. And speaking of nostalgia… [NYMag.com]

9. One billion people still defecate in the open
A United Nations investigation found that a huge chunk of the world population poops in public, which is contributing to the spread of deadly diseases. Can’t we appoint a global latrine czar or something? [Newsweek]

10. NASA to create Martian greenhouse
Scientists want to send a tiny greenhouse to the Red Planet in 2021, to test how possible it would be for astronauts to have a sustainable food supply off-Earth. If this works out, we totally volunteer to tend the crops in 2081 or whenever. [Smithsonian]