1. Throw away your maintenance records.

2. Pick a wild color

3. Choose unpopular options

4. Eat in the car

5. Personalize your car with things that can’t be changed

6. Let the interior go

7. Upgrading the stereo (putting in a big ass sub)

8. Mix and Match tires (not buying new tires as a set)

9. Letting the door dings get worse

10. Picking a car that has bad resale value (duh!!)

A here are a few of my own

1. Parking it under the “L” in Chicago

2. Lend it to a few buddies for a weekend trip to Mardi Gras

3. Inviting Snoop Dogg to ride which yu

4. Pimping it out with a Calvin pissing on Jeff Gordon Sticker on the window

5. Become a Domino’s delivery guy

6. Lend it to Yao Chin to practice for his driving test

7. Paint it like the General Lee