Trying to release a new product and use a website to promote it? Here are 10 ways that will certainly ensure that your product will not be adopted by the web community.

1. Give it a URL that only people within the company can remember.
You won’t spend the $500 that it takes to buy a good name from the name squatter and so your web name is

2. Make Sure the Username and Password is Case Sensitive.
We only have 4000 websites that we’ve signed up for. It’s hard enough to remember them all and then you want me to remember if I used the big S or the little s

3. Put a Nice Little Flash Program That Runs 3 Minutes and Tells You All About the Product Before I Can Get to The Main Site:
Anyone that uses flash at the beginning of the site deserves to fail anyway

4. Make Sure You Don’t Put Any Other Forms of Contact Besides E-Mail:
Nothing says customer service for a product than only email contact.

5. Make Sure That Only Invited People Can Comment:
What’s the point of having comments if only the people you want are allowed to comment. Nothing wrong with keeping out spam but if people have to sign up you’ll never get objective feedback about your stuff

6. Make Sure I Have to Register If I Want to Do Anything on The Website:
Remember you are trying to sell a product and the website is a marketing tool. The harder you make it for the end user to get to the information the less likely they’ll stick around.

7. Make Sure Your Site Has No Search
Your site is not a supermarket. You don’t put the milk at the back of the website and make people walk through all the other aisles to get to it. Give them search to get to where they want to go.

8. Use Windows That Don’t Use Urls
We wouldn’t want someone to save that page so they can come back to it or send it to a friend. Hard work equals reward right?

9. Don’t Let People Know How To Pay For Things:
And you better make it instant and take more than Paypal

10. Sell Advertising On Your Site
Nothing shows confidence in a product by selling advertising on your site. It says, I may not
sell any of these but I will sell something to these people that are stupid enough to come to this site.