Whether you feel obligated to get a gift on a big holiday or birthday, or perhaps you’re just thinking of her, these things can go very wrong. The wrong thing can say you don’t know her at all, you’re cheap or you just don’t care. There are some gifts that are so generic, they come off us terribly cliché.

If you really want to make her feel loved and cared for, pay attention. The following 10 women reveal the worst gift you can give them, and the ones they’d like instead.

1. Katie, 29: “I love flowers, as cliché as they are, but not all flowers are created equal. Buy me something that you put thought into. Know what flowers I melt over.”

2. Megan, 28: “Do not get me a stuffed animal. It doesn’t say ‘I love you,’ it says ‘clutter.’ Jewelry always wins for me.”

3. Ellie, 22: “Don’t get me something you want. That’s the oldest trick in the book. Make it totally personal to me. A Korean spa day sounds good.”

4. Sam, 33: “The best gift a guy can get me is a plane ticket with him to somewhere adventurous or romantic. The worst thing? A gift card!”

5. Tara, 35: “Please do not buy me clothes. It’s dangerous. You don’t know my size and, really, you don’t know my taste in fashion either. If you want to get me something special, a weekend getaway somewhere just the two of us is the perfect gift.”

6. Kym, 40: “Getting me lingerie is so tacky. Pay attention and if you want to gift me something, how about my favorite perfume that’s running out.”

7. Savannah, 29: “If one more boyfriend opts for chocolate on Christmas, Valentine’s Day or my birthday, I’m going to scream. How about a nice dinner with champagne and wine at a unique restaurant?”

8. Susan, 44: “Cheap wine is such a romance killer. If you’re going to buy me wine, make it good.”

9. Maria, 30: “Don’t buy me a puppy… unless it was discussed and we both want it. My ideal gift is a timeless piece of jewelry. “

10. Vicki, 24: “A bath products basket is the most cliché gift I can imagine. A couple’s spa day sounds nice though!”

Photo: Getty Images/LightFieldStudios