Don’t ever accuse 100 Things host Sebastian Terry of not being a trouper and sacrificing his body to help people pursue their lifelong dreams. In this surprisingly beautiful but also painful episode, Terry goes the distance to show that in reaching out for our goals, the first step is often the hardest.

“Alexa is a dancer in LA who was always intrigued by the poetry of performing aerially. So we were able to enlist the help of Shana at Aerial Warehouse who had performed with Cirque du Soleil. We watched Shanna for awhile and were amazed at her strength and agility and her contortionist techniques on silk ribbons, twenty feet up in the air. We then got taught some basic skills and the idea was for Alexa and I to do a duet in these two silk hammocks. We put on black leotards and worked our way up it, off the ground. I found it hard to get up there. I’m not a dancer, and to learn working the ribbon as a skill alone was really tricky. I got burns, sore muscles—I even thought for a moment I had lost the ability to have children because of a little accident. They used spotlights and created a very cool atmosphere in the studio, and Alexa and I did our aerial duet. As you’ll see, it was nothing like I’ve ever done before but it was all very artistic and fulfilling. Alexa was ecstatic.”

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