Sebastian Terry believes that once people start ticking off their list of 100 Things, once they talk it up on social media and get onto their next goal, it all helps change their perspective. And so it evolves their mindset about what they could be doing in life. This new episode involved a lot of humor in a different way, as Terry recalls:

“Nate Pratt has a tough inner city background but was always the funny guy in his group. He remembered the first time he made someone really laugh, and the warm feelings he had bringing smiles to someone’s face. He’d been to dozens of comedy shows and always secretly wanted to do stand up but he was held back by his own fears. He had his own material and we flew him into LA but didn’t tell exactly what was up. We get into a rented convertible, drove along Hollywood Boulevard, past all the stars on the Walk of Fame, and arrive at the Hollywood Improv Club—where the marquee says Nate is performing at 10 p.m. His jaw just dropped.

“We got a pro (Nate Row) to help Nate, to tweak his material and get it down to five minutes. And then we tell him he’s doing the opening spot for Dane Cook in front of a packed house and another special guest we’d flown in—talk about pressure. I think Nate had a little heart attack. But he got out there and it was a very enlightening and funny experience for him. You get to see how he does. The bottom line is your goals are achievable, so outline them and plunge in.”

Watch the teaser below, then check out the full episode on the go90 app!