As the intrepid creator and host of our brand-new show, 100 ThingsSebastian Terry helps others realize their dreams, and a lot of the 26 episodes are very emotional—people reconnecting with friends, family and their past through both physical and intangible means. But there are also high-octane activities that’ll inspire you to jot down your own 100 Things list, as you’ll see in the very first episode. Read some of Terry’s behind-the-scenes thoughts on “Break the Ice,” then watch it below or on the go90 app!

Our first dreamer, Gus, moved around a lot as a kid, just like Terry, so he was often the new kid on the block, on the outside looking in. But after hanging with him, Terry found this helped Gus with being present: “Gus found he really could be himself when he was doing something that was adrenaline fueled. So we took him up to Ouray Ice Park near Telluride, Colorado. This is hilarious because Gus and I got like a 5-minute ice climbing lesson, got outfitted with all the gear, then they put us at the foot of a 100-foot frozen waterfall in a canyon. It’s one of the world’s premium ice-climbing sites, and they go, ‘OK, you guys head on up!’ It was gorgeous but daunting.”

“I’m thinking of Gus the whole time, wanting this to be about his dream being fulfilled. But then I realized I was out of my comfort zone, that I’m just as vulnerable and scared as anybody else. And you’ll see that we both deal with our own issues on the ice face. You’ll see the concern and joy and some real raw emotion…”

Can’t wait to see how things play out? Watch the action unfold below or on the go90 app!