Yeehaw! Dream catalyst Sebastian Terry says that acting out wishes on your own 100 Things list represents who you are as a person, as they reflect your goals and dreams. And in Episode 3 of our go90-exclusive series, he helps a guy live out his cattle-rustlin’ vision.

Lou Braun always had a dream to be a cowboy, and his wife Kim found a childhood list that included that very wish. So in cahoots with Kim, Terry picks up the story: “We knock on their door, me with the Made Man camera crew, and I say, ‘Your wife says you’ve always wanted to be a cowboy.’ Totally shocked, his face just lit up. Like that quintessential live TV moment, when someone has no idea what’s being planned. I said, ‘We’re staying at a dude ranch for three days, okay? Let’s go!’

We fly to Arizona and meet up with a cattleman. He gets us on a horse each. Mine’s called Hawk and he’s huge and a little wild. We learn how to ride a cowboy horse—I was a little petrified sitting on Hawk. Then we learn how to lasso and stuff. Then we ended up taking about a hundred head of cattle, and it was just an a-mazing experience. It wasn’t easy but soon I wasn’t the host of this show, he wasn’t a married guy living in Denver. For a few hours, we became like cowboys. Just to see Lou on a horse next to me with a mile-wide smile, and his cowboy hat on, it was priceless!”

Watch a teaser of the cowhand action below, then check out the full episode on the go90 app!