Sebastian Terry may be an all-action type of guy but he notes that even being on a conservative golf course can inspire some overpowering emotions. Like in this sweet episode of our Go90-exclusive series, 100 Things, when the host helps one man get on the green…

“Jackie’s mum and dad used to play golf regularly and all around the world and at all sorts of cool courses. But Jackie herself had never really gotten into the game. Her dad had passed away and she admits to being disconnected from her mother—time and distance can do that type of thing. Anyway, as a way of reconnecting perhaps with her father, we took her to a golf course in Los Angeles, got her some basic lessons with a course pro. And then the pro took us to play a round. But we had a surprise at one of the holes—someone special just happened to turn up, and that was quite emotional by itself.”

“Then the guest, Jackie and I finished the round together, and we just had a lot of fun. At the last hole, as we tapped the balls in, it got really emotional again. I asked what it meant to her, if she thought her dad would be proud of her learning something that was so meaningful to him. And it was bawling time. A real connection was made to her past and also to her family…”

Watch a teaser below, then check out the full episode on the go90 app!