The beauty of the 100 Things series is that Sebastian Terry helps various people with an array of interesting backstories. “This concept of pursuing one’s dreams transcends all demographics and any barrier,” observes Terry. “And it deals with high octane episodes as well as emotional ones.”

In Episode 4 of our go90-exclusive series, we focus on an LA-based lady chasing her creative dreams. As Terry tells it: “Bianca’s an aspiring artist and we’d been impressed by her drawings and sketches. But she never quite had a break, in one of the toughest cities in the world to stand out and be an artist. She had always wanted to exhibit her art in a solo exhibition. So after we hear from her, I reach out to my expanding community, and then someone who knows someone pops up and says, ‘Yes, I want to help her.’ Which is beautiful. And they knew someone who owned an art gallery in the fashion district in downtown LA. I knocked on her door, and said, ‘Let’s go, you’re going to be in an art exhibit.” It blew her mind and something very special happened, setting Bianca in the right direction.”

Watch a teaser of the action below, then check out the full episode on the go90 app!