Marie Rosché is a professional basketball player in France, a Senegalese-American who loves French food and desserts, and she’s always wanted to learn how to make the perfect macaroon. Enter Sebastian Terry and 100 Things. Terry met Marie on a cobblestone back alley in Paris to go visit a chef, one of the most famous macaroon makers in France. 

“He gave us an afternoon, taking us through the intricacies of making a unique macaroon,” Terry recalls. “He wanted to create one just for us, so it’s called Marie’s Macaroon. It was melt-in-your mouth amazing. He also created an additional dessert thing for us, maybe the best dessert I’ve ever tasted. A fusion of different textures and flavors, things cooked in all manner of different ways. We discovered he’s got an interesting past, he almost died after a health issue, and during his recovery, he found his purpose on Earth was to show his love of life though food, teaching people how to cook. He has a chef’s school now, which is where we cooked with him, he’s a very passionate guy.”

“As for Marie, her drive was to learn how to do this so she could go back to States and showcase her new talent to family and friends. This episode wasn’t adrenalin-fueled or overly emotional, it was just the idea that a goal for 100 Things could be absolutely anything, as long as it means something to you—then it’s very powerful for that person.” 

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