So, how’d you like to hang with the most beautiful dancers in the world? Sebastian Terry, host of 100 Things, did exactly that when he helped Rebekka Lien realize her dream of performing at the Moulin Rouge in Paris—yep, the famous cabaret with the iconic red windmill above its entrance.

“When Rebekka and I entered, I’ve never been more intimidated,” Terry says. “There were forty drop-dead gorgeous women from around the world—beautiful and very flexible. They were rehearsing and invited us right onto the stage for a meet and greet. After that intro, these two beautiful women instructors took us through a can-can dancing routine backstage, and we rehearsed in front of a mirror for about an hour.”

The Moulin Rouge is the birthplace of the can-can, a seductive dance that the courtesans who operated the site used to do. Now the can-can dance revue has evolved into an entertainment form of its own.

“After rehearsal, we go straight to wardrobe and make-up, and soon we both looked like straight out of the Moulin Rouge itself—me wearing blue pants, boots, a wide collared shirt and suspenders, while she had a big frilly dress. They’d organized a three-minute routine and the stage was ours. We walk out, and all these glamorous talented dancers are splayed around the edges of the stage, just there to watch me and Rebelka perform. Those three minutes were exhilarating. She got to do high kicks and flirtatiously pull up her skirt like they do for real. Me? Well, I got in on it, too, supporting Rebekka. She couldn’t stop crying afterwards. It was a moment that will change her life.”

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